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Research on design of network multimedia courseware of the art design teaching

Author(s): Zhiyan Su

With the rapid development of computer media and network technology, Network Multimedia Teaching has become the most popular and advanced teaching method among various teaching models at present. The development of Network Multimedia Teaching not only promotes students’ learning interest and quality, but also brings a qualitative leap on educational business. What’s more, the integrated teaching approach which combined Network Multimedia Teaching with Art Design Teaching has aroused wide concern within educational circles. However, due to the characteristics of Network Multimedia technology and Art Design themselves, and the immature development of Network Multimedia Technology, the Art Design Teaching resource is in short supply. Thus, it is particularly important to judge whether the design of the Network Multimedia Courseware of the Art Design Teaching is reasonable and with high quality. This Paper discusses the basic principles of designing the Network Multimedia Courseware of the Art Design Teaching, so as to research the methods of designing Network Multimedia Courseware of Art Design Teaching.

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