Research on design and implementation of leisure sports tourism planning system based on geographic information system

Author(s): Lijuan Ning

Leisure Sports tourism is the product when human material and spiritual civilization developed to a certain stage and it is a social and cultural events and leisure activity. With the rapid development of today's society, the increase of people's income and the exaltation of people's living standards, people's way of life gradually change from the basic material needs into mental needs of health, family and psychological experience. The outdoor sports and travel has become the pursuit of modern fashion. At the same time, leisure sports tourism has gradually developed into a sunrise industry in today's society with broad market space and huge development potential. Therefore, the planning of leisure sports tourism has become the shackles bottleneck of leisure sports tourism development. In recent years, the rapid development of leisure sports tourism makes the traditional tourism resources survey, assessment, analysis, planning and management methods cannot meet the needs of multi-level user, and therefore, it is necessary to introduce advanced technology - geographic Information system (GIS).

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