Research on creative industry cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan

Author(s): Xu Meizhi, Zhang Xiangqian

The creative industry is the modern economic restructuring and industrial upgrading of the new power, promote and deepen cooperation of creative industries between Fujian and Taiwan, establish and improve cooperation mechanism, open up a new market for close relationship between creative industry between Fujian and Taiwan in Haixi Economic Zone, build new economic point of growth, optimize the industrial structure has important significance. The current creative industrial cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan has been leaping development and progress, but there are some problems such as small in scale, a single form, lack of creative talents and so on, which restricted the pace of development of the creative industry. We can increase policy support, personnel training, establishment of folk capital support mechanism of creative industry cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan way, optimize the external environment and internal conditions, so as to promote cross-strait industry common development and the rapid development of the Straits economic zone.

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