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Research on cost control management system of investor’s landscaping project based on analytic hierarchy process

Author(s): Xiaojuan Duan

With economic development, now the project is growing, and consumptions of both the financial and human resources are enormous. As the project is so big that little mistake can cause a waste of resources, so project management is very important, especially cost control management in project management is essential. In this study, cost control management in the implementation process of the project is studied taking landscaping project as an example. Because the key to the success of a project lies in scientific and standardized management, such as the control of project costs, the control of the progress of the project, project quality control and so on, all belonging to important procedures in the construction process of the project. This study also focuses on analysis of the current problems in China’s landscaping project, makes profound study of the root of these problems, and proposes solutions to address the problems. At last, this study establishes a cost control management system based on Analytic Hierarchy Process taking a landscaping project as an example. And the fact proves the management system is a scientific, standardized and rational management system, a system that can address the serious problems existing in the current major projects in a practical manner, in particular problems in landscaping projects. Landscaping project is not just related with the national economy, but also affects the livelihood, so each country has paid great attention to it. Especially in developing China, more attention has been paid, for the rapid economic development in recent years has led to the deterioration of the environment, so the Chinese Government is working to optimize the environment. In this sense, this study has practical significance.

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