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Research on comprehensive service ability evaluation system of clod chain logistics system for fresh agricultural products

Author(s): Benhua Xu

Cold chain logistics provide the quality assurance for fresh agricultural products from production to consumption. The loss in agricultural products logistics not only cause huge losses in the financial, but also cause limited land resources and environmental resources wasted. Agricultural products cold chain logistics comprehensive service ability refers to the cold chain logistics enterprise provide customers with competitive advantage at the lowest possible total cost. It realized through a series of logistics function activities. That is the comprehensive service ability of the optimal transportation of agricultural products logistics function activities to ensure the quality of agricultural products, reducing wear and tear. Comprehensive service ability evaluation system was based on the characteristics of fresh agricultural products present situation and development trend and previous studies. It is a comprehensive system that includes seven aspects, such as warehousing, distribution, food detection ability, cost control, logistics, financial services, information management ability, and ability to meet customer demand. And it can be detailed into 29 indexes. Analytic hierarchy process was used to define the weight. Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method was used to evaluate the overall. The innovation of this research is that including logistics financial services and information management capabilities in building of cold chain logistics comprehensive service ability evaluation system. And this made the evaluation system more comprehensiveness and more forwardlooking. The research results could be the reference for standard cold chain logistics enterprise service, the standard for the customer to evaluation and choose fresh agricultural products cold chain logistics enterprises, the advice for cold chain logistics enterprises to improve their service level.

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