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Research on comprehensive evaluation modelbased sports activities intervention effects on university students common mental diseases

Author(s): Yong Shi

Sports not only has competition functions, but also is the best choice to build one’s body. And meanwhile, sports activities have certain curative effects on mental diseases, which have very important impacts on psychological health. The paper utilized correlations analysis, establishes correlation analysis model between physical exercises and students psychological health, and analyzes current stage students understanding on sports health, and gets conclusion: physical exercises have important impacts on students psychological health, Chinese physical education course contents are relative traditional, their understanding on physiological health knowledge, psychological health are not deepen enough, students rarely participate in physical exercises. Secondly, based on correlation analysis, analyze physical exercises and chemical medicine curative effects on common depression, anxiety, terror, obsession these four mental diseases, utilize fuzzy comprehensive evaluation methods to make comprehensive evaluation, compare physical exercises and chemical medicine curative effects, and get that physical exercises effects are better.

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