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Research on communication techniques between PLC control system and fieldbus technology

Author(s): Yemeng Zheng, Gang Dong, Xiande Yang

In industry, with the rapid development of automation technology, communication technology continues to change and develop under the impetus of the PROFIBUS. In factory automation workshop, the monitoring machine in field equipment layer can use PROFIBUS for data communication and control. Through PROFIBUS, it can not only realize the integrated automation requirement of the factory, also can realize the intelligent requirement of the field devices. All of these are based on the real time communication between PLC and field devices, servers and client to achieve. The combination of PROFIBUS and PLC control system can not only realize high speed and real-time of communication system, also can significantly improve the stability and security of the system. Therefore, in the field of industrial automation, the study and application PLC control technology and PROFIBUS is of great significance. Under the support of fieldbus technology to study and apply PLC control system can help achieve factory automation. The study begins with an overview of the PLC communication function, and describes the basic characteristics of the fieldbus, and based on the past application results PLC dedicated fieldbus are discussed in detail. Then the study discusses the PLC control system based on PROFIBUS and CAN bus. In summary, based on the above discussion, the study put forward the development direction of PLC control system in the informationize process of manufacturing industry.

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