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Research on chinese students the relations between blood types, types of temperament and sports

Author(s): Jianbao Jiang, Guohua Zheng

This study was for the 514 students of the Institute of Physical Education whose bloodtype and temperament-type are relative to sports. According to our study, on the one hand, among students of the Institute of Physical Education, the percentage of the ABO blood types ranks from O-type, then A-type, then B-type, to AB-type in sequence, which is different from common people; on the other hand, there are different distribution features of blood types in different sports events. If an athlete belongs to O-type or A-type, he is more likely to have higher physical quality. If he belongs to B-type, he is not likely to do so. At the same time, the temperament types of students of the Institute of Physical Education mainly include sanguine temperament, sanguine-phlegmatic temperament, sanguine-choleric temperament, phlegmatic temperament, which shows a diverse distribution feature. Meanwhile, sanguine temperament and its mixed types share high percentage, while melancholic temperament and its mixed type share low. Students with sanguine temperament and its mixed types are more likely to stand out in each special sports event, Nowadays, the study on the relationship between blood-type, temperament and sports still stay on the surface and lack depth, although no affirmative scientific conclusion to this problem has been made till now, continuing discussions and studies are certainly worth being undertaken.

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