Research on biomechanics based bat texture affects athlete injury

Author(s): Zhiyuan Liu

Baseball is a worldwide sports event; its high ornamental and competitiveness charmthe people.And baseball game is also a game relies on apparatus, therefore bat some physical propertieswill have great effects on battersÂ’ abilities. This paper targeted market two kinds of textures (allwood and all aluminum) bats hitting effects, itmakes deeply research from the two aspects. By deeply researching and analysis of bat hitting process and establishing physical model, it gets bat maximum delivery speed expression, therefore it gets aluminum bat maximum delivery speed is obviously larger than wood bat. Aluminum bat speed change curve is more smoothly than wood bat, which means hitting point position influences on hitting speed is not obvious so that cannot reflect battersÂ’ levels. By establishing bat elastic beam model, through analyzing, it gets wood bat and aluminum bat force status

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