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Research on application of computer auxiliary system in the design and creation of dance

Author(s): Jie Li

With the development of information technology, computer as a modern tool gradually goes into millions of households. And in 21st century, the digital era has arrived completely with the multimedia technology being more widely applied in each field. The arrival of information age makes the development updated at every time, which not only promotes the economic and cultural development, but also offers a more relaxed and convenient platform for the development of dancing art. As an art form that is closely integrated with the new era, digital dance is more ornamental, and more interactive. Besides it has the advantage of saving resources. Digital dance attracts more and more attention due to the above advantages. In the creation of digital dance art, as a new development direction, the three-d computer auxiliary system makes digital dance more intuitive, which can not only optimize the project, but also expand the developing space of the digital dance. Being as an cognitive tool,multimedia integrates the diagram, text and voice. And digital educators have begun to pay close attention to this auxiliary teaching tool. In the field of dance art, the usage of computer 3D auxiliary system to create dance can develop dance art better and faster. And the researchers of dance art can understand the field of dance art more conveniently through this tool; and as a kind of innovative ideas, the combination of digital concept and dance art marks that the development of dance has entered a new stage.

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