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Research on analytic hierarchy process-based sports events impacts on university students’ psychological health

Author(s): Ning Guo, Yan He, Xiusheng Guo

In the information age of today, computer, mobile phone and other electronics devices have become important parts in university students’ recreational entertainment. Due to lack of physical exercises for a long time, university students’ body and psychology appear serious problems. As far as university students concerned, physical exercise is the best way to enhance physical functions. The paper takes university students as research objects, starts from psychology influential ten factors, utilize principal component analysis method to reduce ten factors into four factors. Regard swimming, running, basketball and table tennis as research objects, utilize analytic hierarchy process, construct target layer judgment matrix and criterion layer judgment matrix, according to Matlab program operating results, it judges that the biggest influential effective sports event on university students’ psychology-basketball, the result conforms to practical situation.

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