Research on AHP-based cheerleading effects on construction of campus culture

Author(s): Xian Liu

Cheerleading is a relative newly-developed sports event in China, due to its unique advantages, is well-received by more and more people. Cheerleading construction has huge values in broadly universities, it can promote students’ physical and psychological health, and meanwhile promote campus cultural construction, different cheerleading organization implementation and organization ways impacts on every aspect are not the same. In universities, schemes are mainly establishing cheerleading association, organizing and advertising, organizing cheerleading activities and so on that can promote and enhance campus spiritual civilization construction as well as develop students’ selfconfidence and morality. The paper studies on cheerleading different organizational forms impacts on campus cultural construction aspect by AHP method, and use quantization value to express, result thinks school should take classroom education as auxiliary, and take organizing cheerleading activities as primary to stimulate cheerleading construction effects on campus culture.

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