Research on aerobics training to athlete limb joints and muscle force features influence

Author(s): Songtao Wang

Aerobics event is a kind of “forever young” and well-received sports event, so in recent years researches on aerobics aspects are also countless, the paper just on the basis of formers research, makes analysis and researches on body postures status when aerobics athletes take training to provide space analysis image base for researching its motion process knee joint force analysis; establish two rigid bodies two freedom degrees dynamical model to provide theoretical basis for motion process knee joint moment analysis; after that, the paper through applying table form, it more clear presents two aerobics athletes existing differences, by comparing,we can get that two aerobics athletes differences are relative obvious, so for No.1 aerobics athlete, he should control shoulder joint in 65° that is suitable, and in consumed time, it summarizes with difficulties increasing, two aerobics athletes differences will be more obvious, and meanwhile it reflects No.1 aerobics athlete ability is relative prominent, by elbow joint aspect comparing, we find that No.1 aerobics athlete ability is stronger than No. 2 aerobics athlete, so it proves No.1 aerobics athlete comprehensive strength is stronger. Finally by researching aerobics athletes body right knee minimum joint angle, it gets habitual posture and right knee minimum joint angle instant posture such two postures, when joint angle gets smaller, muscle strength moment will be bigger, and gravity moment will be bigger, and muscle strength moment will accordingly increase, the research will play certain roles in aerobics biomechanical analysis theoretical researches.

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