Research of the traffic rules based on mathematical model

Author(s): Shujuan Yuan, Jingfei Chen, Aimin Yang, Xin Zhou, Qingpeng Ding

As all know, the performance of traffic rules directly affect the traffic flow and personal safety, the paper is mainly aimed for highway traffic rules, and according to traffic flow and safety, the paper establishes a two-factor optimizationmodel based on performance problems of amulti-lane freeway traffic rules0Under the circumstance of right driving: according to analysis, we know that traffic flow and traffic safety determine the performance of freeway traffic rules, both are related with driving speed (the average speed of the vehicle in the second lane take the average upper or lower speed limit of the second lane), and both aremutual restraint.And through utilizing mathematics and physics knowledgeÿwe build an overtaking model in the same lane and use area evaluation method to establish the safety factor evaluation system, which obtains the function relationship between speed and safety coefficients. Next, to establish a traffic flowmodel considering the traffic lane width, lateral clear width, vertical slope, sight, along conditions and other factors, and we obtained a function between driving speed and traffic flow. Finally, according to the function relationship between speed and safety factor , traffic flowC

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