Research of the college coaches evaluation index system based on the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model

Author(s): Jing Fei Chen, Aimin Yang, Xin Zhou, Longge Yan

In order to know how to choose the best college coach or coaches, a mathematic model will be built in this paper. Firstly, according to Delphi method and CES scale, the indicator system of coaches’ competence is given and improved. Thus nine indicators for evaluation of best coaches are determined. We know the most influenced factors are won pct,years,popularity through weighted analysis. By applyingMatlab, gain the weight vector 0.5464,0.1804,0.2732T A  . At the same time, the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation of both male and female college coaches in basketball, ice hockey and soccer are gained as follows respectively: 146.576, 152.6493, 127.0001, 147.8392.An outstanding test is conducted on comprehensive evaluation, and there is no big difference in each evaluation indicator. The evaluation model of best college coaches can be applied to all projects and genders based on fuzzy mathematics. Secondly, after the study of teachingmethods of PE coaches, the indicators of best representative coaches are chosen across the wholeAmerica. Data are integrated, and then a line chart is drawn, in which each indicator changes with time. Pct changes obviously in this chart and the other three indicators change within a certain range. All this shows that teaching methods of college coaches change evidently. Finally, choose data of top 50 college coaches in baseball,football and softball inAmerica. Based on Principal factor weight vector in this model, 0.5464,0.1804,0.2732T A  , fuzzy comprehensive evaluation is gained. Calculate the top 5 best college coaches in sportsmentioned above across America with the help of matlab. To ensure the rationality of the model, BP nerve net will be used to test it. According to  1     [    1] j j p pj j w t   w t  t  o  w t  j t  , the data of top 4 in softballwill be input, we know t  4.9276, which is similar to the output of 5th one

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