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Research of the B2C E-commerce express logistics service quality evaluation system building

Author(s): Yun Zhang

With the development of economy, the progress of science and technology, electronic commerce is penetrated into all fields of people's life at a fast speed; it brings a revolution to the traditional way to trade and pulls the appearance of the express logistics enterprise. E-commerce and express have become industries closely related to each other in a new economic era. On the one hand, by relying on express realized leap-forward development, e-commerce has become an increasingly important role in the field of circulation of consumption; on the other hand, e-commerce has become an important power that drives express service growth. Express logistics service is a very important link in the electronic commerce system, but at present, the level of express logistics service as a whole is not high, restricted by various problems, thus it is necessary to set up a scientific evaluation system, standardize e-commerce express logistics market, improve the express logistics enterprise's core competitiveness, thus improve the consumer shopping experience, also provide ideas for e-commerce shopping website. In this paper, the method of theoretical analysis and empirical analysis, qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis combining are used in the research. In theory, this paper take logistics service quality management, ecommerce knowledge express logistics service quality as the foundation, draw lessons from SERVQUAL service quality evaluation model and LSQ logistics service quality evaluation model set up by domestic and foreign relevant scholars; by combining with the characteristics of B2C e-commerce express logistics service chain and the express service industry standards, establish the B2C e-commerce express logistics service quality evaluation system; In case analysis, use the established evaluation system to do express logistics service quality analysis.

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