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Research of sales process improvement based on customer satisfaction

Author(s): Yan Li

Under the increasingly competitive environment, the success or failure of sales details often determines the enterprise sales level, and the sales level matters to the profits of the enterprise and the interests of the related subjects. The degree of perfection of the sales details is usually determined by the enterprise sales process and the design of the sales process and its continuous improvement are often considered according to customer satisfaction. Therefore, the following goals can be achieved via the sales process improvement research based on customer satisfaction. The first is to summarize the characteristics of customer satisfaction and realize its importance; the second is to implement customer satisfaction model design and quantitative description; the third is to construct the customer satisfaction evaluation index system and speed up the sales process improvement steps; the fourth is to understand the problems appeared in the improvement process, especially the establishment the strategy of customer satisfaction, the establishment of an overall sense of customer satisfaction and the attention to the customer relationship management (CRM). This research adopts the qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis research methods, demonstration and mode and finally works out the customer satisfaction model and sales process improvement steps based on customer satisfaction. This study, however, is only a rough one on sales process improvement based on the perspective of customer satisfaction. Other related aspects which help sales process improvement requires further research in the future.

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