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Research of rolling shear motion laws based on improved PSO

Author(s): Yugui Li, Yanxu Wei

Making pure rolling shear as the target, based on the principles analysis of shear mechanism in the rolling shear, trajectories of the overlap and the horizontal displacement of the upper blade during the cutting process are directly calculated out. And then the trajectories are optimized with improved natural selection-based particle swarm optimization algorithm (selPSO) deemed lengths of the key rods as variables. On this basis, motion laws of the driving links are reversely worked out through solving position equations of the rolling shear’s mechanism, which are nonlinear equations, with selPSO. The calculated results show that the synthetic horizontal translation (mean value of all horizontal displacement relating to calculated points) of the upper blade reduced by 34.96% and the overlap becomes a constant, which can realize the pure rolling cutting very well and improve the shear quality of the steel plate; selPSO is applicable to solve nonlinear equations in the project, which can overcome the problem of high sensitivity to initial value and improve the computational efficiency

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