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Research of physical education main course setup based on PE teachers’ knowledge and ability

Author(s): Hong Fan

The educational philosophy in 21st century is a comprehensive education, which cannot be separated from an overall curriculum. And curriculum has become a core element of the educational reform under the current circumstances. Therefore school physical education curriculum is also extremely important, and occupies a very important position. It is a complete system composed of course objectives, content, implementation and the final evaluation. This is also the main way to achieve teaching objectives. This study analyzes the basic elements and nature of the current physical education courses in schools, through literature reference, mathematical statistics, and surveys, this study forms the opinion that current physical education main courses setup need to follow closely with the pace of social development, and the content of courses should start with PE teachers’ knowledge and ability. Only with extremely solid basic ability, excellent professional skills and strong practical abilities, can they become better talents of physical education. This study regards that PE teachers are the core force in physical education as well as support for the national talent strategy. Therefore in the PE course setup, this is to combined with the development planning and educational reform. In the end, the study proposes a few suggestions on the development of physical education course setup.

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Table of Contents

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