Research of lens model in music emotional communication

Author(s): Qi Fan

Emotional exchange is an important part of the research in the field of music, starting from the essence of music, it requires the resonance between the performer and the listener to show the value of music performance, which can form a process of emotional communication between the performer and the listener. However, in the past, the study process mainly explain the emotional communication in music through written text, and its application and theory value is not fully captured. This study specifically discusses the establishment of lens model in the research and exploration, expands the thoughts from Brunswick's lens model, and effectively guarantees the application value of the research. From this research we can see the traditional lens model has certain disadvantages, for its judgment of the emotional communication factors between the performer and the listener is scientific or accurate enough, and this study improves the old model and makes enhancement in this aspect. This study specifically discuss the lens model equation, and combines the regression model between the performer and the listener with the lens model equation to build the corresponding mathematical model, and to make the research process of lens model more comprehensive and specific. Finally it is the introduction of the existing musical emotion classification models to make effective supplement to this study, providing this research process with strong theoretical and practical value.

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