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Research of introducing cell membrane into the teaching of human anatomy and physiology

Author(s): Weiguo Kang

Human anatomy and physiology is one of the important courses in higher education. For students majored in medicine, it is a foundation course, which must be mastered firmly so as to complete their further study of relevant clinical knowledge; for students majored in biology, being masterful of which also constitutes the necessary condition for teaching this course in the future. Cell membrane, being the basic and important knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, how much a student masters its structure and characteristics always determines the degree of the understanding of subsequent chapters; it may be said that, only by mastering the structure and characteristics of cell membrane can one truly understand subsequent chapters where roles of cell membrane are related, and it is the necessary condition for mastering knowledge of cell membrane. However, students do not have right method of learning at their initial contact with this course, which itself is relatively hard to learn, and this leads to the fact that most of them can barely understand it by part with time-consuming efforts: it is unrealistic for students to be versed in it voluntarily in a short period. Therefore, the instructor should pay attention to the method of teaching, and make connections between cell membrane and knowledge points related in relevant chapters of human anatomy and physiology in daily work. As an instructor engaged in the teaching of human anatomy and physiology for many years, after summing up my own experience and reading lots of related literature, the author writes this paper with the intention of exploring how to better connect cell membrane with knowledge points related in relevant chapters of human anatomy and physiology, so as to effectively improve teaching quality of this course.

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