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Research of dynamic context modeling method oriented resource based on petri network and ECA model

Author(s): Lingxing Yang

Context information modeling capable of supporting context-aware application, improve the ability of intelligent and personalized service. Selection of modeling method is not easy, however, need to solve the problem of unified operation interface, reflect the dynamic relationship between the context object, formalization and graphical methods. And provide granular packaging to support reuse and aggregation, design a kind of machine readable modeling language (uml) to support the execution and so on. Such difficult problem should be solved. The Web of Things (WOT) is one such iot application architecture, straight through the open sensor. And other resources to provide a unified interface style and be applied aggregation. Its method is to follow the REST of a resourceoriented (Representative State Transfer representation State transfer) architectural style, the network things are treated as resources and give corresponding identification, and take share of connector interface to achieve the convenience of operation, and finally through the network can be connected with the hypermedia relations. At the same time based on Petri net and the design of the ECA model of dynamic context modeling method, to achieve the graphical and equipped with formal and execution environment. The results of this method applied is to reduce the heterogeneity of the context data, better solved the problem of the context and unified logo and interface. Along with the demand of the market and the development of technology, of course, this kind of method in practical application process inevitably occurred problems, needs to be further research and development in the future.

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