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Research and implementation of security protocols technology based on trusted computing platform

Author(s): Chen Ya-dong, Sun Zhi-xin, Zhang Tao

With the rapid development of Internet, the security issues faced by computer system and computer network are more and more serious. Security protocol is a research hotspot in current network security filed and plays an important role in protecting network security. But if the information is replaced by viruses, Trojans, or tampered before encryption, the transmittal information has alreadyfailed although protocol itself is safe. Trusted computing platform only run the program of trusted source guarantee, and ensure the running program is legal. At the same time, the platform can stop the virus and malicious code running, the trusted computing platform solve the problem of the security of the encryption system and its running environment. If the current security protocol without modified directly to use on the trusted computing platform, although it can guarantee the communication security but do not play the advantage of the trusted computing platform, protocol execution efficiency is not high, and also unable to complete the authentication of platform. Based on the status research of trusted computing platform and security protocol, and aiming at the shortcomings of the current security protocol, this paper puts forward the safety communication protocol based on trusted computing platform. At the same time, using the formal method verifies protocol, and writes the middle tier of the NDIS driver implement the protocol. Security protocols running on the safe and reliable platform, achieve real efficient and secure communication. In the research process, the research mainly achieved the following research results: 1. Establish security protocol model based on trusted computing platform. 2.In the process of analyzing the protocol, theoretically prove protocol security, not only use attack validation but also use the formal analysis. Compared to the traditional security protocol, the protocoldesigned and implemented in this paper applies on the trusted computing platform, data computing speed is faster, protocol execution efficiency is higher,information transmission is more security.

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