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Research and application on performance prediction of the olympic mens sprint based on GM (1, 1) model

Author(s): Ling Xu, Deding Tang, Mingming Xing, Yufei Jin

This paper takes the Olympicmen’s 100msprint champion performance in recent six sessions as the original data, and uses GM(1,1) prediction model in gray system theory to predict men’s 100m sprint champion performance in the 31st Olympic Games. The results can be obtained by using MATLAB curve fitting xˆ1 k 1  1622.73e0.006117 k 1632.69 ; the predicted score is 9.59 seconds. The results show that: the score of men’s 100m sprint champion in 31 Olympic will break the Olympic record. The findings have some significance to explore the athletics development law of track and field and to further promote the application of gray systemtheory in sports

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