Research and application of influencing factors on students’ physical health based on fuzzy evaluation model

Author(s): YuHua Wu, Xin Chen, Hai Qiong Chen

Physical fitness refers to the basic ability of human muscle activity, and is a comprehensive reflection of the human organ system’s function in the muscle work. It includes speed quality, endurance quality, sensitive quality, flexibility quality, etc. In order to better distinguish the pros and cons of each person’s physical quality, this paper uses fuzzy mathematics method to conduct comprehensive evaluation on physical fitness of college students. First, it constructs the basic idea of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation by using the maximum membership degree (reviews) and the principle of fuzzy linear transformation, and consider the impacts of a variety of factors related to the evaluated things in order tomake amore reasonable and comprehensive evaluation to another thing with certain purpose; In addition this paper undertakes a comprehensive evaluation on a person as well as everyone of a class, in order to achieve the specific application of the fuzzy mathematics’ evaluation model on “physical health”.

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