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Research and analysis of prediction model of English level of modern college students

Author(s): Shuying Han

With increasingly frequent cooperation between all countries all over the world, as one of the most common languages, English has a more and more important position. The continuous improvement of productivity intensifies the competition of all kinds of industries in the society, so most of the enterprises continuously improve the recruitment threshold upon employee recruitment, in which one of the conditions is that the employee must pass CET4 and CET6. Based on this, in this paper, the English level of college students is studied according to the CET4 and CET6 scores of investigated college students. Then, the English level of college students is analyzed by establishing the curve fitting model. Finally, plotting and prediction are conducted according to the existing data by establishing the fitting function with the least squares method and using MATLAB for quadratic fitting. It is concluded through analysis that the English level of college students are gradually increased with the increase of the passing rate of CET4 and CET6 of college students.

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