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Research and analysis of civil engineering construction process damping control technology

Author(s): Hanrui Pei

With the rapid development of society and the economy, people's life and property safety importance is also more and more high. Especially the occurrence of the Wenchuan earthquake, people on whether the application of civil engineering construction damping scientific and rational approach was questioned. How to ensure the quality of civil engineering construction, to avoid in the event of earthquakes and other natural disasters, the emergence floor crash event, is an issue for all engineering designers and builders focus on. Because of the relationship with all life safety, so how to use rational scientific method damping to the construction of civil engineering structures is very important and necessary. This study from the passive control, active control, semi-active control and hybrid control methods start with four damping research and analysis, combining their research status. The Benchmark problem of structure control has carried on the simple introduction. Focusing on civil engineering structure vibration control method of systematic review, so as to the future of civil engineering structure suspension construction provides the certain reference function.

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