Relations’ evolutionary in supply and demand network of enterprises with multi-function and opening characteristics

Author(s): Deyi Tai, Fuyuan Xu, Wei Hu

There are three relations exist in Supply and Demand Network of Enterprises with Multifunction and Opening Characteristics (SDN) that are competition, cooperation and neutrality relations, which’s evolutionary will effects the stability of SDN. To reveal the evolution process and interactive of the three relations among enterprises of SDN, an evolutionary game model in SDN was build to solve the problem of real cooperative strategy selection. The model of enterprises relations evolutionary was established base on evolutionary game theory, and analyzed with numerical simulations in MATLAB. The research shows that the strategy selection of cooperation, competition and neutrality in SDN were mainly determined by transferable and non-transferable incomes. Enhancing supervision and punishment to opportunistic behavior and malicious competition in SDN, will improve enterprises’ relations from neutrality to cooperation

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