Relations and effect analysis on the development of agricultural policy-oriented finance and rural economic growth

Author(s): Liqing Zhang

The development of agricultural policy-oriented finance is closely and concretely related to the economic growth in rural area. Research in this field should start with the general development situation of agricultural policy-oriented finance, proceed specific research on the building of China’s agricultural policy-oriented institution and relevant business scope of finance, so as to make internal relation between rural economy and policy-oriented finance clear. Then further study the status quo of supporting agriculture of agricultural policy-oriented finance in order to show the whole development trend of agriculturesupporting loan structure in China’s rural financial institution. Afterwards, specifically analyze the development trend of making progress while keeping stable of the entire financing to find the role of independent financing played on the development of agricultural financing. At last, expound the positive effects of agricultural policy-oriented finance on rural economic growth through empirical analysis. During this, several factors are involved, such as stationarity test of data, building of error correction model, Granger causality test and impulse response functions, to fully show the impetus agricultural policy-oriented financing gave to rural economic growth. This is the main thought of the research in this field, and it shows the main goal and research content

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