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Regress statistic analysis-based university students physical health and traditional Chinese medicine exercises correlation research

Author(s): Chunyu Liu, Xiaoyan Han

Discuss traditional Chinese medicine exercises and university students’ physical health relationship, apply documents literature, experiment method and mathematical statistics to analyze and research on university students physical health influence results. Conclusion is: before traditional Chinese medicine exercises, schoolboys’ physical health tests total points influential main items are step test and standing long jump event, for schoolgirls, they are step test as well as sit and reach event. Traditional Chinese medicine long-term exercises have important impacts on university students heart rate, breathe, it can promote muscle and other organic activities functions, especially for fingers, arms and others strength, after exercising, physical health tests total points influential main items are grip strength, sit and reach as well as lung capacity weight index evaluation item. Traditional Chinese medicine exercises have insignificant impacts in improving step test and standing long jump results. Test data after dimensionless handling, by gradually regression analysis method to comprehensive evaluate university students’ physical health test results that have practical implications.

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