Regional industrial competitiveness evaluation research of pharmaceutical manufacturing industry

Author(s): Su Hai-tao, Chen Shi-jiang

Pharmaceutical manufacturing is a knowledge and technology-intensive high-tech industry, and also a special industry on people’s livelihood. Howto enhance its competitiveness has great significance for the regional economic development. This paper is based on the dual theory of comparative advantage and competitive advantage, according to their different emphases, pharmaceutical manufacturing industry competitiveness evaluation index system of regional and provincial were established, then take JiangxiProvince (JX), China as an example, use factor analysis and cluster analysismethods to evaluate regional competitiveness, and use factor analysis to evaluate provincial competitiveness, so as to knowabout pharmaceuticalmanufacturing’s competitive advantage among provinces in China and the comparative advantage among industries in JX. According to the results, some relevant recommendations were put forward to enhance the competitiveness of the pharmaceutical industry in JX Province.

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