Realization research of security based on the criteria in a car tire pressure monitoring system

Author(s): Yi Su

With the popularity of cars in many families, car driving safety is becoming more and more attention. Among the many problems abnormal tire pressure is to influence the car safety and car key to effective maintenance and maintenance. So real-time monitoring tire pressure has a very important significance. Currently, which has been widely applied in the automotive industry is a kind of known as TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) of automobile safety equipped with high-tech products. But the major shortcoming of this system is not reflected in the all-weather tire condition monitoring with the needs of realtime monitoring tire pressure, while the vehicle cannot be remote alarm. In order to better solve this deficiency, in this proposed a new type of tire pressure monitoring system design scheme based on nRF9E and GSM module. Program from two aspects of hardware and software introduced the structural characteristics and realization method of this new tire pressure monitoring system, especially a lot of space for the system's low-power design and implementation of key display tire positioning were highlighted. Through some reliable practice tests, proved that the system can not only real-time monitoring tire condition, but also can according to the abnormal situation of vehicle distance range alarm prompt. This message can communicate by means of GSM module timely feedback to the owners. Vehicle CAN network interface is to ensure the sustainability of such a system in a low power state operation. Reliability and safety aspects have been improved significantly.

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