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Rainwater utilization one-dimensional water quality model simulation analysis

Author(s): Bi Jie

At present, our country existing storm flood calculation method can't meet the requirements, the design of modern city drainage and flood control calculation therefore, how to effectively use of rain flood resources and selection can reflect the characteristics of city of area of rain flood to Yu Hongli amount become urgent need further in-depth study of the problem, this paper takes Baoan District Guanlan River Watershed in Shenzhen city as an example, from the perspective of utilization of city of area of river of rain flood simulation and rain flood resources, utilization of water power model as the basis, the establishment of the one-dimensional water quality model through the research on the change of water quality, and through the actual water level, flow, water quality data to the model calibration and verification, the water level calculation research the establishment of the model, and the concentration of the measured water level, concentration of basically the same, show that the reasonable selection of parameters of model, the model is accurate and adequate representation can provide the necessary basis for the research on rain water resources utilization.

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