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Quantitative research and analysis based on Matlab integration of English teaching

Author(s): Li Liu

By using mathematical software Matlab, the random research objects are descriptive analysis, correlation analysis and regression analysis, in order to further the quantitative data analysis English integrated course teaching, and from the perspective of the cognitive process and improve the English teaching. Finally based on the main result of this paper, we give the constructive Suggestions of teaching. Integration teaching closely around the implementation of the new curriculum of "knowledge and skills, process and methods, emotional attitude and values" goal design, from stimulating the enthusiasm of students' autonomous learning, from the Angle of students learning process, to give inspiration, guide the student to carry on the reflection and evaluation, feedback on the learning process. It broke the traditional mode, establish the multidirectional communication mode, form the three-dimensional network of communication; Reflects the students are the main body of learning, pay attention to the students' self-study, promote students to learn, to learn again, so learning to learn, learn to explore; Implementation to the teacher as the center to take the student as the center, in the process of teaching to fully demonstrate the student thought processes, can fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of student learning, create conditions for students' learning, improve the quality of learning and the students' science literacy. Can develop students' individual character and can make its comprehensive development, causes the student to learn easily, the teacher teach well, make the teaching to the benefit of both parties. Reduced integration teaching classroom recessive waste, greatly improving the efficiency of classroom teaching, improve class yield rate.

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