Proteome analysis for inhibitory elastin degradation in human dermal fibroblast by the extract of Coffea canephora

Author(s): Chung Hyun Lee, Sang Yo Byun, Thi Ngoc Hoi Nguyen

The extract of Coffeea canephora inhibited the degradation of elastin in human dermal fibroblast. The extract prepared with hot water after deoilingwith supercritical carbon dioxidewas dosed to fibroblast and proteome analysis using 2-D was made to observe the expression of anti-aging related proteins. By the proteome expression profiling, down-regulation of 4 proteins includingCELA2B, CELA3A, CELA3B andMMP3 resulted that the deoiled Robusta extract inhibits the degradation of elastin and dermal extracellularmatrix.

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