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Protective effect of vitamin e on dna damage in liver cell during exercise

Author(s): Su Meihua, Zhang Shuilian,Yang Duoduo

To observe the effect of vitamin E(VE) supplements on DNA damage in mice liver cell induced by acute exercise. 40 male Kunming mice were averagely randomized into four groups: Control group(CG), exercise group withoutVE supplements(EG),VEsupplements groupwithout exercise(VEG) andVE supplements group with exercise(E+VEG).We built up the exercise fatiguemodel formice through the protocol of repeated exhaustive treadmill running and use the single cell gel electrophoresis(SCGE) to detect the DNA damage of liver cells in different groups. We also measured the changes of SOD, GSH and MDA on liver tissue. Our studies showed that theDNAdamage of liver cell in E+VEGgroupwas significantly lower than that of EGgroup(P<0.001)and there was no statical difference between CG and VEG groups. And the level of SOD and GSH in E+VEG group were significantly lower than that of EG group(P<0.001). MDA content in EG group was highest,the second was E+VEG group,and the last were CG and VEG groups. Those results leaded to conclusion that acute exercise induced more free radical to increase the level of SOD, GSH and MDA, and also occurred more DNA damage, however the VE supplements has obvious protective effect. Exercise induced oxidative stress is one of themechanism of DNA damage on liver cells

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