Properties of standing tree bioelectricity

Author(s): Chao Feng, Wenbin Li*, Fantao Lin, Chongxin Chen, Peng Chen, Peng Wang

There is a certain amount of bioelectricity existing in standing trees, which is expected to become a new supply of energy. But the power is very weak and it canÂ’t drive the existing low-power electrical equipment. In order to make use of this power reliably, we need to ascertain the variation and the influencing factors. Therefore, we measured the bioelectricity and environmental parameters of oriental plane and arborvitae for almost 3 months. The results show that the variation of potential difference between the soil and the standing tree is cyclical and is low in daytime and high in night. Meantime, we found that standing treeÂ’s bioelectricity is significantly associated with the ambient temperature, humidity and other parameters. The content of standing treeÂ’s sap is possibly an important influencing factor to its bioelectricity.

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