Promoting hydrolysis of flavonoid glycosides by microwave- assistance

Author(s): IVan- Son Nguyen, Shuang-Lian Cai, Tang Feng, Qiu-AnWang

The efficient hydrolysis of flavonoid glycosides hesperidin (1a), naringin (1b) and rutin (1c) to corresponding flavonoid aglycone hesperetin (2a), naringnin (2b) and quercetin (2c) respectively by employing microwave irradiation method was studied. The test was designed to investigate the influential factors of the hydrolysis process under a microwave-assistance such as power ofmicrowave, reaction temperature and irradiation time. The results show that microwave-assistance can greatly accelerate the hydrolysis rate of flavonoid glycosides, shorten the reaction time, and increase the yield of flavonoid aglycone. The optimized parameters are: power 500-600 W, irradiation time 30-45min, reaction temperature 80-90oC.

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