Process mineralogy study on the graphite surface ore in dandong

Author(s): Chen Zhong-hang, Dai Shu-juan, Hu Zhi-gang, Liu Guo -zhen

The characterization of process mineralogy of surface ore of graphite has been investigated by optical microscope and chemical analysis. The results show that content of metal minerals is little, the valuable mineral are graphite, the main gangue minerals are quartz, sericite, feldspar, white mica and so on. It is adverse to monomer dissociation of graphite because of the dissemination size of the gaphite is middle and fine, and content of fine particle is more. Gangue mineral of sericite and white mica are more, they are similar form of flake or scaly, to graphite, and easy to clay and adhesion on the surface of graphite, so flotation of the graphite is affected seriously. It is likely to influence on the flotability of graphite for graphite crystal occurs bending deformation and this changes arrangement distance of the crystal inside atomic under the action of stress.

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