Process development and optimization for production of 3-OGlycosyl colchicinoid

Author(s): Omprakash H.Nautiyal, Giridhar Soni

The study was conducted for exploring the biotransformation of colchicinoid compounds into corresponding 3-O-Glycosyl derivative by means of Bacillus megaterium strain. The experiments were conducted to show the effect of colchicines on different bacterial species and biotransformation of colchicines into 3-O-glycosyl derivative by means of selected microbial strain of B. megaterium. The process provides colchicinoid compound glycosylated at C-3 of aromatic ring. It involves media optimization and process optimization approach for obtaining high yield. Preliminary studied was the effect of colchicine on other bacterial species E. coli & B. subtilis. Their growth was inhibited due to high concentrations of colchicines as observed by zoographic microscopy after interval of 48 hrs. The effect was observed using two culturing conditions first in liquid culture observed through photo. Then using B. megaterium considering 25ml of sterile-broth with different ranges of colchicines 12.5mg, 17.5mg, 22.5mg and 2ml of culture goes for biotransformation observed through TLC using 10%alcoholic sulphuric acid. The effect of different culture conditions was studied on the production of 3- O-glycocolchicine.

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