Previous aerobics world championships difficulty motions scores factor research based on abc analysis method

Author(s): Jingjing Pei, Xueheng Li

In aerobicsworld championships, final performance is composed of lots of factors, due to difficulty motions are competitive games’ viewpoints and highlights, therefore difficulty motions scoring status becomes the key link that affects final scores, what on earth is the factors restrict difficulty motions scores, how to more reasonable improve athlete training charter and let it become the subject of people’s attention. So, the paper makes analysis of competitive aerobics difficulty motions scores main influence factors, in the hope of providing scientific proof for factors mentioned in research, and providing guidance for aerobics players’ cultivation orientation. In the paper, it firstly applies expert interview and Activity BasedClassification(ABC), extracts difficultymotions scoresmain influence factors “difficult”, “stable”, “new” and “beauty”, then applies quantitative analysismethod analyzing “difficult”, “stable”, utilizes illustration method stating “new” and “beauty”, finally uses questionnaire survey analyzing aerobics world championships five sports events corresponding four difficulty motions scores influence factors importance, which provides theoretical basis for competitive aerobics evaluation and teaching

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