Preparation and characterization of PVA/starch blend composite film based on modified chicken feather protein and effect of plasticizer type on its properties

Author(s): Mona A.Nassar, Maha Sultan, Sahar Mohamed

Edible filmswere prepared frommaleic anhydridemodified alkaline hydrolyzed chicken feather protein, poly vinyl alcohol and starch. The effect of glycerol and 1,2- propandiol as plasticizers on protein based film was investigated. Intermolecular interaction between film components was investigated using FTIR. Morphology using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) reflects films of good appearances. Thermal analysis (TGA) of edible films indicates that glycerol – plasticized-PVA/starch/modified protein filmismore thermaly stable than 1,2-propanediol-plasticized PVA/ starch/modified protein. Glycerol has significant effect on % elongation and oxygen permeability (OP) more than 1,2- propanediol. Edible films containing proteins have good tensile strengths. The lowest OP was obtained from protein based film without plasticizer, which can make these films suitable as sachets or pouches for dry foods, thus reducing the need for plastic materials Antimicrobial activity of selected edible films was studied.

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