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Potentiometric Determination of % Fluoride Ion Content (w/v) in Toothpastes by Ion Selective Electrode

Author(s): Yildiz Y, Patel S, Jan A and Puri S

The concentration of fluoride in common dentifrices can be found using various methos. An ion selective electrode can be used to continuously measure the concentration of fluoride in various toothpaste suspensions. Using an ion selective electrode, compared to high performance liquid chromatography and ion chromatography, requires a short amount of time required for sample preparation and gathering experimental data. The quick monitoring of fluoride in toothpaste using an ion selective electrode. This can ensure that the specified fluoride content is accurate and effective against fighting cavities in teeth. If the toothpaste samples contain large amounts of fluoride, they may cause fluorosis; however, smaller amounts may not properly protect teeth. Creating suspensions of toothpaste can be used to ensure advertised fluoride contents match actual fluoride contents, while mirroring the oral environments toothpastes are used in. In this study, fluoride ion content has been measured in several different toothpaste samples by ion selective electrode. The specifications of fluoride content in the toothpastes that the study selected were between 0.14 to 0.498% (w/v). %RPD, 0.37%, and %Recovery was found 94.5%. Most results met their specifications. Keywords

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