Pommeled horse circle technical movement features research based on three-dimensional video analysis model

Author(s): Liang Liu, Bo Wang

With sports undertakings development, athletes’ competition has grown fiercer, and training is required to be increasingly improved. Scientific trainingmethod is an important premise to improve sports level; the paper combines with biomechanical knowledge and computer technology to establish three-dimensional video analysis model, and makes research on pommeled horse circle’s one cycle technical motions, with an aim to find out pommeled horse circle technical motions rules and features so that makes improvement suggestions and improve technicalmotions levels.At first the paper proceeds with biomechanical features analysis of pommeled horse circle’s one cycle technical motions, gets kinematics regularity, and then according to kinematics regularity, it establishes three-dimensional analysismodel, extracts required kinematic data bymodel, and goes ahead with data processing. Finally combine withmodel data and biomechanical knowledge, it researches on pommeled horse circle’s one cycle technical motions, gets conclusions and provides technical motions improvement suggestions that makes contributions to Chinese pommeled horse sport event development.

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