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PolymerizationOf N-Substituted 4-Aminostyrene. PartV: Spontaneous PolymerizationOfN- AlkylAndN-Benzyl 4-Aminostyrene Salts InAcidicMedium

Author(s): Yassin Abdallah Gabr

The spontaneous polymerization of N-methyl and N-benzyl 4-aminostyrene hydrochloride (NM4ASHCl and NB4ASHCl) at different pH values has been studied. Results indicate that the pH of the medium plays important role for the spontaneous polymerization of NM4ASHCl and NB4ASHCl. Four directions yielding polymeric products of differing compositions depending on the acidity of the medium were found. The differing polymeric structures formed through zwitterion and hydrogen-transfer polymerization. Poly(Nmethyl/ benzyl 4-aminostyrene)(PNM4AS and PNB4AS) has a zwitterionic chain mechanism at pH range 0.1-0.5 while the poly (N-methyl/benzyl 1,4- diethylaniline) (ionene) formed via a stepwise zwitterionic chain mechanism at pH 5.27.

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