PMT–Protein Mining Tool

Author(s): Madhu B and Anusha KV

Proteins play an important role in human body. Composed of amino acids these molecules catalyze reactions in our bodies, transport oxygen, strengthen our immune system and transmit signals from cell to cell. Each protein has its own characteristics and few parameters that the user needs to calculate for understanding the structure, functionality, nature, location of the protein and many other details. Proteome which is the entire set of proteins in a cell differs from cell to cell. Also Proteome of diseased cells is different from proteome of a normal cell. To understand the changes that occur as a result of disease, it is important to understand the normal proteome of a cell. This understanding can result in knowing the molecular basis for the disease, which in turn can help to develop treatment strategies. In this paper we present a tool used for computation of few properties of the proteins which can help the users in the field of proteomics or similar fields so that they can process many huge chunks of uncharacterized proteins and get familiar with them. In this way there are possibilities to identify drugs to cure diseases with respect to proteins.

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