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Plastics Awareness for Sustainable Development

Author(s): S Ravichandran

Accumulation of plastic products in the Environment that adversely affects wildlife, habitat of humans is a major concern for the government at present. As plastic is non-biodegradable in nature, it remain in environment for several years. As a result it is responsible for causing land, air and water pollution. Plastic pollution has been constantly damaging our sustainable environment. The production of plastic is increasing since 1950, 8.3 billion tons of plastic has been produced, which is likely to be double by 2050. The burning of plastic wastes increase the risk of heart disease, damages the nervous system, respiratory ailments such as asthma and cause nausea or headaches. Hence, a sustainable step towards tomorrow's greener and healthier environment needs immediate attention of the environmental scientists. There is an urgent need of creating awareness among people to protect environment in the current situation and ban the usage of plastic.

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