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Pi calculus-based semantic web service combination formalization description and validation research

Author(s): Huang Lei, Wu Yanpeng, Zhu Qunfeng

SemanticWeb andWeb service techniques combination generates semantic Web service, the service refers to the semantic that applies semanticWeb markup languages to describe service, so that lets web service to be transformed into computer comprehensible entity, supports service combination, autodiscovery and implementation, therefore semanticWeb service-based automatic composition technique target is applying software with users demands to make automatic composition of various existed Web service so as to cooperate work and fulfill users tasks. In semantic Web service combination research field, formalization description and service combination accuracy validation is a very important problem, in the problem, it involves lots ofWeb service communication collaboration as well as inference, and Pi calculus due to its strong expressive ability and simplemathematical structure superiorities, is thought to be a kind ofmature process algebra method, the method has mobile description mechanism, therefore its application inWeb services communication and interaction is by far a kind of relative mature and implementable method. The paper analyzes semanticWeb service combination form, accuracy validation and Pi calculus principle; it puts forwards Pi calculus formalization and validation –based semantic Web service automatic composition method, and gets accuracy and reliability superiority degree that applies the method in semantic Web service automatic composition.

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