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Physical education learning model and construction mechanism in online learning environment

Author(s): Jie Wu

In the teaching process, according to the characteristics of the teaching objectives and objects, through teaching, reasonable choice online learning is an organic combination of traditional teaching methods, to achieve the optimal teaching effect. In the 21st century, the application of online learning technology has brought opportunities and challenges for physical education, so it is imperative to create an online learning environment. Based on communicative competence theory and input-output hypothesis theory, through the comparison between the proposed learning mode and online learning mode, the learning mode, the pass-acceptance model, the interactive mode, the cooperative learning model, teaching mode and the found learning mode are proposed. Further, design steps of teaching environment and teaching mode based on online learning is pointed out. As the expansion of the traditional single teaching mode, online learning teaching mode provides the concept of revelation and practical reference for application of a full range of online learning technology in physical education teaching.

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