Phylogenetic analysis of a gut bacteria of pine caterpillar: Kunugia latipennis.Walker

Author(s): D.Paul, Tory Kupar A.Kharshiing, Atanu Bhattacharjee

Insect gut microflora contribute towards the utilization of complex food resources in the gut of the host. The interaction of the host and the micro organisms can be symbiotic or transient. In this study The Kocuria rhizophila strain (NCBI gene accession number NR_026452.1) was isolated from the gut of pine caterpillar (Kunugia latipennis.Walker) in and around North Eastern hillUniversity campus,Meghalaya, India.16s rRNA was targeted for isolation and amplification. The isolated sequence was compared to representatives strains of Kocuria rhizophila sp. Phylogenetic analysis revealed that the isolated strain belongs to the genus Kocuria and is most similar to Kocuria varians strain G33 (Accession number NR_029297.1 similarity%= 90) and Kocuria marina strainKMM 3905 (Accession numberNR_025723.1 similarity%= 99). This appears to be the first report of this strain from terrestrial insect larval gut. Importance of this strain in the context of the host food quality is discussed.

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